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I study declarative memory in the Human using neuropsychological, imaging and electrophysiological approaches. My research is particularly concerned with the different models of declarative memory and is partly clinically oriented (Alzheimer’s disease, semantic dementia or epilepsy usually). I’m generally very much interested in issues on memory, visual (e.g. the visual ventral pathway) and cross-modal processing (how to process or name a face for example).

I'm a CNRS director of research and work in the CerCo, a lab in Toulouse, France. I head the Memory and Learning of Objects and Scenes team and co-head a master's program in Neuropsychology and Clinical Neurocience.

For the DMS48, a visual recognition memory test I’ve designed for the assessment of early Alzheimer’s disease, see this link.

Publications in international peer-reviewed journals

In press

Curot J, Roux FE, Sol JC, Valton L, Pariente P, Barbeau EJ. Awake craniotomy and memory induction through electrical stimulation: Why are Penfield’s findings not replicated in the modern era? Neurosurgery, in press.

Rémy F, Vayssière N, Saint-Aubert L, Bacon-Macé N, Pariente J, Barbeau EJ, Fabre-Thorpe M. Age effects on the neural processing of briefly flashed incongruent natural scenes. Neuropsychologia, in press.

Despouy E, Curot C, Deudon M, Gardy L, Denuelle M, Sol JC, Lotterie JA, Valton L, Barbeau EJ. A fast visual recognition memory system in humans identified using intracerebral ERP. Cerebral Cortex, in press.

Curot J, Pariente J, Hupé JM, Mirabel H, Barbeau EJ. Déjà-vu and prescience in a case of severe episodic amnesia following bilateral hippocampal lesions. Memory, in press.

Curot J, Barbeau EJ. Improving the Integrative Memory Model by integrating the temporal dynamics of memory. Behavioral and Brain Science, in press. Invited commentary.


[73-2019] Bastin C, Delhaye E, Moulin C*, Barbeau EJ*. (2019). Novelty processing and memory impairment in Alzheimer’s disease: a review. Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews, 100:237-249. *Equal contribution.

[72-2019] Despouy E, Curot J, Denuelle M, Deudon M, Sol JC, Lotterie JA, Reddy L, Nowak LG, Pariente J, Thorpe SJ, Valton L, Barbeau EJ.(2019).  Neuronal spiking activity highlights a gradient of epileptogenicity and complex interactions in human tuberous sclerosis lesions. Clinical Neurophysiology, 130(4):537-547.

[71-2019] Jonin PY, Calia C, Muratot S, Belliard S, Barbeau, EJ, Parra MA. (2019). Refining understanding of working memory buffers through the construct of binding: evidence from a single case informs theory and clinical practice. Cortex, 112:37-57.

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[68-2018] Jonin PY, Besson G, Lajoie R, Pariente J, Belliard S, Barillot C, Barbeau EJ. Superior explicit memory despite severe developmental amnesia: in-depth case study and neural correlates. Hippocampus, 28(12):867-88.

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