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TNAP is a ubiquitous enzyme with a wide spectrum of substrates and cellular functions. Lack of TNAP activity is a lethal condition. Our finding of a highly specific regional, laminar and subcellular localization of TNAP in the cerebral cortex indicates that in addition to metabolic and skeletal functions TNAP also plays a role in regulating cerebral functions most probably cognition. In fact TNAP disturbance could result in complex diseases such as epilepsy, developmental retardation and Alzheimer disease. The book, a systematic collection of chapters written by experts from different fields, is the first survey about our present knowledge in regard to the neural functions of TNAP. As such this book is a good source of information for clinicians and researchers and it also paves the way to future research directions in the field.

Mise à jour 17/12/2015