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Multistability in perception : binding sensory modalities

Philosophical Transactions Biological Sciences 2012, 367(1591) - Issue compiled and edited by Jean-Luc Schwartz, Nicolas Grimault, Jean-Michel Hupé, Daniel Pressnitzer and Brian Moore - freely available until 30 April 2012 at http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing....

Multistability occurs when a single ambiguous stimulus produces alternations between different percepts in the mind of the observer. For more than two centuries, it has been a major conceptual and experimental tool for investigating perceptual awareness in vision. This issue presents recent novel advances on multistability in several sensory modalities (audition, speech, touch, olfaction), with a combination of psychophysical, physiological, and modelling approaches. Multistability then becomes a powerful and coherent framework for addressing the issue of binding : binding sensory information into perceptual scenes, binding sensory inputs across modalities, and binding our knowledge of neural processing in various sensory modalities.

Mise à jour 02/04/2012