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Luc Valton

MD, epileptologist

Team : PROS (Perception and Recognition of Objects and Space)


I’m an epileptologist and the head of the Clinical Neurophysiology unit at Toulouse University Hospital. My research is focused on the correlations between brain, behaviour and electrophysiology. I work on several projects :

  • how to reduce the cognitive impact of epilepsy surgery (ACTELIN and MEMSTIM projects).
  • how to identify the epileptogenic network through intracerebral recordings using both standard depth electrodes and micro-electrodes (EPIFAR project).
  • how to extend epilepsy neurosurgery to children using new surgery techniques.


  • Condret V, Barragan-Jason G, Denuelle M, Nespoulous JL, Valton L, Barbeau EJ. Characterization of proper name retrieval failures in temporal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsy Research, in press.
  • Curot, J., M. Denuelle, T. Busigny, G. Barragan-Jason, M. Kany, P. Tall, F. Marlat, N.Fabbre and L. Valton (2014) Bilateral Wada test : Amobarbital or propofol ?. Seizure 23 (2) 122-128
  • Bartolomei, F., M. Gavaret, R. Hewett, L. Valton, S. Aubert, J. Regis, F. Wendling and P. Chauvel (2011) Neural networks underlying parietal lobe seizures : a quantified study from intracerebral recordings. Epilepsy Research 93 (2-3) 164-176
  • Aranda, A., G. Foucart, J. L. Ducasse, S. Grolleau, A. McGonigal and L. Valton (2010) Generalized convulsive status epilepticus management in adults : a cohort study with evaluation of professional practice. Epilepsia 51 (10) 2159-2167
  • Arthuis, M., L. Valton, J. Regis, P. Chauvel, F. Wendling, L. Naccache, C. Bernard and F. Bartolomei (2009) Impaired consciousness during temporal lobe seizures is related to increased long-distance cortical-subcortical synchronization. Brain 132 (Pt 8) 2091-2101



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