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Crossmodal Compensation and Cortical Plasticity (C3P)

Head : Pascal BARONE

The main expertise of our team is the analysis of the correlations between cortical structures and cortical functions. Structures are studied through cellular and anatomical methods, including X-ray micro-tomography. Functions of cortical areas are examined by studying the sensory processes of vision and audition, as well as their interactions, in normal and pathological conditions, both in human and animal models. These functions are further studied along 3 different axes : development, plasticity and dysfunctions (pathologies and handicaps). The originality of the team rests on the wide spectrum of experimental approaches routinely used, which ranges from synaptic mechanisms to cerebral metabolism, and from cortical modules and networks to behavior. Such a multiple scale approach is necessary to comprehend the complexity of cortical dynamics and their reactivity and adaptability to intrinsic perturbations (dysfunctions) or external perturbations (quality and variability of incoming sensory signals). Complementary to this multi-scale approach, we use a longitudinal approach where one particular question can be examined from in vitro models up to brain imaging in normal human subjects and in patients. Consequently, we are able to study, in both normal and pathological situations, the structural organization (vascularization and connectivity) of visual cortical areas and the dynamics of the properties of their neurons, together with their impacts on perceptual phenomena, up to their influences on speech perception recovery in the case of auditory system dysfunctions.

Research themes :

  • Cortical structure and function : cellular approach to neuronal mechanisms (Caroline FONTA, Pascal BARONE, Pascal GIRARD, Muriel MESCAM, Lionel G NOWAK, Céline CAPPE)
  • Corticocortical interactions and network activation plasticity (Céline CAPPE, Pascal GIRARD, Pascal BARONE)
  • Dynamic and plasticity of sensory perception (Pascal BARONE, Céline CAPPE, Olivier DEGUINE, Pascal GIRARD, Lionel G NOWAK)
  • Cortical plasticity and dysfunction (Olivier DEGUINE, Pascal BARONE, Caroline FONTA, Muriel MESCAM)
  • Advanced technological and methodological projects (Pascal BARONE, Olivier DEGUINE, Pascal GIRARD)

Permanent research staff :

Post-Doctoral fellows :

PhD students :

  • Edward COLLETT
  • Jimmy DEBLADIS
  • Chadlia KAROUI
  • Cécile JUAN
  • Julien ROLLAND
  • Amirouche SADOUN
  • Nicolas VANNSON

Some selected publications :

  • Girard P, Jouffrais C, Kirchner H (2008) Ultra-rapid categorisation in non-human primates. Animal Cognition 11(3) : 485-493.
  • Wang Y, Celebrini S, Trotter Y, Barone P (2008) Visuo-auditory interactions in the primary visual cortex of the behaving monkey. Electrophysiological evidence. BMC Neuroscience 9:79.
  • Nowak LG, Barone P (2009) Contrast adaptation contributes to contrast-invariance of orientation tuning of primate V1 cells. PLoS one 4 : e4781.
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