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3T fMRI platform

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IRM 3T Philips

The technical platform is equipped with a 3T Philips wide bore MR scanner dedicated to the activities of research in Neurosciences. This MR scanner is available for research since June 2010. Various complementary equipments for stimulation have been installed (video projector, screen, response pad button, sensor of physiological data) as well as a recording eye movements equipment (Eye tracker ASL 6000). The technical platform is opened to the entire staff of the research structure, a technical team of 4 persons brings its expertise to the use of the MRI. The main activity of the research engineers of this platform is to support the researchers in the implementation of their protocol :

  • Optimization of MRI sequences
  • Installation of needed equipment for functional imaging
  • Help in data management and postprocessing
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Nathalie VAYSSIERE - Ingénieur de Recherche
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Hélène GROS-DAGNAC - Ingénieur de Recherche
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Yoann FAVE - Manipulateur en Radiologie
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Fred BROUILLET - Manipulateur en Radiologie
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Jean-Pierre DESIRAT - Manipulateur en Radiologie

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