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Perceptual and Attentional Fluctuations (PAF)

Head : Rufin VANRULLEN

Our team focuses on the dynamic (fluctuating) nature of sensory perception, attention and higher cognitive functions. How do these functions unfold from moment to moment? How is a percept, or a thought, constructed upon its immediate perceptual history? Do perceptual and attentional fluctuations also take place on an even faster timescale, entrained by cortical oscillations? At the other end of the spectrum, what can we learn from fluctuations caused by individual differences in sensory and cognitive functions? These questions are addressed using a unique multi-scale approach, from in-vivo intracellular recordings and optical imaging to human EEG and fMRI.

Key words: electrophysiology, integrative neuroscience, multistability, synesthesia, oscillations, perceptual cycles, meditation, mind-wandering

Permanent research staff:

Research support:

  • Camille PUGA

Post-Doctoral fellows:

Doctoral students :

  • Sasskia BRUERS
  • Marie GLEIZES (50%)
  • Lu SHEN
  • Simon PERRIER (50%)
  • Fanny ROUMIER

Representative publications :

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